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Britton Shepard

MLA Candidate
University of Washington
Department of Landscape Architecture

The virtue of working with what you have is essential for the landscape architect who must find elegant, dynamic solutions using limited resources. The ability to develop complete solutions with ‘slender means’ is therefore the foundation of any good practice.

Britton’s work is powered by an innate interest in revelatory design and in working with what you have in the landscape. He is a literate and sensitive guide possessing genuine design skill. His practice offers leadership through research and an accurate process of revealing that brings out a deeper sense of place. In every relationship, Britton and his partners, and especially his clients, share a concern for higher matters.

Britton has owned and operated a landscape design build firm in Seattle since 1999, and is currently pursuing his Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington, graduating in 2016.

He resides with his family in Fall City, Washington.