FIELD NOTES is a search for underlying order in the urban landscape, a series of temporary landscape installations that connect people, neighborhoods, and ideas to experimental urban sites.


Under the direction of the landscape architect and collaborators, taken-for-granted, fallow spaces are rediscovered and reframed through hand-made processes of field study, interpretation, and curation. 


The first site, 1121 NE 45th St. in Seattle, will be exhibiting in March 2016. The project is being sponsored in partnership with the WSECU.


FIELD NOTES founded by Britton Shepard
MLA 2018
UW Department of Landscape Architecture

in collaboration with and support from


urban earthworks


This project is ultimately about revealing the landscape. Not simply the idea, or its importance to scholarship, but to actually reveal landscape as a common, ongoing practice. To imagine a simple earthwork project in an urban site is one way to situate field work into the larger context of landscape urbanism. The opportunity is there. The reality of continuous development in the city means that at any given time throughout the grid there are sites being opened.

Urban sites in transition constitute a loophole: they are places where we can see down into the hierarchy of the terrain. And they are a limitless source of wonder. Even when an earthwork installation is soon swept away to make room for a new building or railway, other humble sites will be available.

Urban sites in transition are a self-sustaining resource and an opportunity for intimate, daily interaction with the landscape.”
— Britton Shepard